Past Projects

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Ornamental Street Lamps in Traffic Islands
Fourteen barbacue grills in the Park 2016
Splash Pad 2014
Kayak Racks 2013
Kayak Ramp with two paths 2016
Decorative Lamp Posts and Signs
Decorative  Lamp Post replacement program (started 2010)
Sprinkler System on Lake Shore Road  from Border to Border
Seascape Gardens Planted, Containing 1846 Perennials
Welcoming Signs to Grosse Pointe Shores
Vernier School Bell Memorial
Street Pole Banners for 25th anniversary and beyond
Construction of Walkway at Park
Benches for the Harbour pier 2015
Vernier Field Fencing Replacement
Lochmoor & Sunningdale Sprinkler Systems on Public Areas
120,000 Sq. Yards of Sod in Lake Shore Road Islands
Commemorative Brick Pavers for Walkway
Viewing Binoculars Installed in Park
Benches for the Park
Pickleball Equipment for the Park
Portable Pickleball equipment 2015
All-Season Pavilion Built in Park
Shaded Seating Area added to Pool Area
Umbrellas added to Pool Area
Umbrella tables added to walkway lookouts
Park Lighting Replaced
Refurbished park sign
Mendelssohn Park Gate Refurbished
Park Playscape Replaced
Basketball Equipment Installed
Schroeder Field House built and furnished with benches 2011
Sponsorship of Schroeder Field House Garden 2011+
Swim Team Record Boards Installed in Park
Mulch for all trees on Lake Shore Road and Vernier Road in 2011 and 2012
Through 2015 more than 640 trees planted throughout the community>