Throughout Grosse Pointe Shores you can see projects planned and funded by the Grosse Pointe Shores Improvement Foundation. The gallery of photographs on our Home page highlights many of the Foundation’s improvements to the community. Over the years, GrossePointe Shores has been was granted several awards as a result of GPSIF projects. Recent awards are:

  • 2008  Keep Michigan Beautiful President’s Award - playscape and park lighting projects
  • 2005  Grosse Pointe Shores granted ‘Tree City’ status
  • 2003  Keep Michigan Beautiful Award
  • 1987  Sesquicentennial Beautification Award from Keep Michigan Beautiful

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Tree Program

GPSIF established a tree planting program in 1986. Since that time, more than 640  new trees have been planted along Lake Shore Road, in Osius Park and on the city easements in residential neighborhoods. 2017 marks the 13th consecutive year that Grosse Pointe Shores has been granted Tree City status. Signs marking Tree City status are at the north and south ends of Lake Shore Road.

Tree planting in 2018 focused on color and diversity, so look for new trees in your neighborhood.

Following the recommendations of the Grosse Pointe Shores forester, a variety of trees are selected from lists published by the DNR and the Forestry Department suited for our climate zone. Current varieties planted are: maple, tulip, tupelo, London plane, cork, oak, Kentucky coffee, sweet gum, pear, linden, zelkova elm, ivory silk syringa and hackberry. By using a variety of trees, there is less chance that many trees will succumb to disease or infestation of insects at the same time.

Memorial trees can be purchased by contacting GPSIF through the contact form on this website. The memorial will be marked with  4 x 6 bronze plaque installed on a concrete post at the base of the tree.  More information is available in the Giving section of this website.

Trees are planted in late fall, providing plenty of time for root establishment. Tree diameter ranges from 2.5 to 3.0 inches because this size tree is most easily transplanted. All trees are guaranteed by the contractor and are replaced if they do not survive after the first winter.